SUNCOAST SERVICE DOGS, INC - Entwining the innate ability of dogs to bond and assist.
Suncoast Service Dogs, Inc.  PLEASE HELP AUTUMN


  NON PROFIT ORGANIZATION  501 (c)(3) in the Gulf Coast and Nature Coast area of Florida.   Bonded and Insured 
all trainers have background checks.
Lorraine Clark, President
Director of Training
Service dogs

SEE US ON FACEBOOK: Suncoast Service Dogs or contact us on the next page "contact us" form. We are very happy to answer any questions regarding time, frame, pricing,  types of dogs and training you and your own dog as a Service Dog Team.
                       Autistic, Bipolar, Diabetic, Hearing Impaired,
                                PTSD, Epilepsy and Movement Impaired, Food Allergy 
                                                       Alert Dogs

 WE  RESCUE AND USE DONATED DOGS AND PUPPIES we do not breed dogs.  Over 30 years of training experience. K-9 Search and Rescue, AKC Canine Good Citizen, AKC Community Canine Evaluators and STAR Puppy.  AKC recognized Therapy Dog Evaluations and trainers, Courtroom Dog trainer/ handler.  
We will match to you a assistance dog that is the right for you.   You will be trained as to how to work with your dog.  Our dogs are trained in up to 90 commands and have up to 2000 hours of training.  We will train a dog to your specific needs.
  We have a program in place to evaluate YOUR dog  to become a service dog.   
Life long support and discounted care is available as a registered Suncoast Service Dog. 
Check out the next  pages for the most often asked questions and to see our current available dogs in the Gulf Coast and Nature Coast Areas. 
If there are any breeders who wish to donate puppies to be used as future service dogs please contact us.  
We also have wonderful dogs that did not quite have the ability to become a service dog but are a well trained companions for any family!  These dogs can also become great therapy dogs. See PETFINDER.COM

Diabetic Alert"All is well here."

"Kitty" on my lap and Keeper on the couch by us. Good to have "Kitty" comfortable to sit on my lap again. we're keeping Kitty!"
"You have changed my life!"
"Keeper has alerted "Steven" to highs (sugars)and lows several times."
(names have been changed)  Family cat was not  happy to have Keeper as his owner's  Service Dog.  Time and cat being corrected helped the adjustment.  Keeper and the cat are now great friends.   

Autism Calming Therapy Dog
Jewel a rescued Cocker Spaniel is now a personal Therapy Dog for a little girl who needed help in communicating  with the world around her.  Just seeing her eyes light up when meeting Jewel was breath taking.  Jewel does not have access to public places but will help in therapy sessions.

"Just wanted to let you know things are going great with Gracie. She seems to be bonding well with -----. Yesterday ------ had a seizure. He ran to his room to lay down which is what he does to wait on the seizure. I guess he didn't think about the commands. His older brother said the command "emergency" and Gracie hopped on the bed next to -------- and stayed there until he woke up. This morning he seemed to be having "pre-seizure" activity. I call it pre-seizure because it's usually a warning sign that I've come to recognize that he might have a seizure. He was very difficult to wake up beyond what is considered normal and very whiny.  Anyway, Gracie turned her body to lay close to him and just watched him. She was very calm."  An alert dog (warning of a seizure) Service Dog is accomplished over time with monitoring dogs activity prior to the seizure.  They can also be trained by scenting the chemical changes in their person's body - up to 20 minutes prior to seizure.  We often provide smaller dogs for seizure and diabetic assistance dogs because of the ease of care for our clients. 

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