SUNCOAST SERVICE DOGS, INC - Entwining the innate ability of dogs to bond and assist.
                   Gulf Coast and Nature Coast Tampa Bay areas of Florida 
Lorraine, CPDT-KA 
         PTSD,  Mobility Assistance,   Hearing and                                              Diabetic Alerting                          
              Seizure Assistance\Response Dogs                                      

Certified Professional Dog Trainers tested by the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers. Members of The Association of Professional Dog Trainers , Certified  Service Dog Trainers through Suncoast Service Dogs, Inc. Certified Therapy Animal Evaluators through Therapy Pets Unlimited.
The Associations and Guilds require PROFESSIONAL ethics and humane treatment of dogs and their persons..  Certifications, continuing education and testing confirm and expand our knowledge in the newest scientific training methods to use.  We are an ALL volunteer organization.

  •   Over 30 years of combined training experience in Service Dog Training,  obedience training, current AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluators, AKC Community Canine Evaluators, Urban Canine Good Citizen Evaluators and STAR Puppy.   Therapy Animal Evaluations with Therapy Pets Unlimited.
  •  Courtroom Dog trainer/former handler,  former K-9 Search and Rescue Trainers, former Sporting Dog Retriever  Trainers.
  •   We will match to you an assistance dog that is the right for you.   You will be trained how to work with your dog while the dog is trained to respond to your needs. Videos for study are provided prior to training showing the commands and alerting to help make your training time away from home shorter.  Our dogs are trained in up to 90+ commands and have up to 2000 hours of training.  We will train a dog to your specific needs.

                               DAD DOGS THAT ARE ALERTING FOR A HEALTHIER LIFE
CLIENT EMAIL 8 year old child:    T***r is doing awesome as far as diabetes and we can't thank you enough for Rex some how that dog has also made him alive again he has taken full responsibility of his care other than baths lol! We wanted to give you a lil update! T**r's a1c went from 9.1 to 6.5 because of Rex that dog  loves his family and we love him!!

Another client who had her own personal dog in training: "GREAT NEWS !!!!!!!
Just got back from my kidney specialist, my kidney function as of last week is 75% !!! It has NEVER been that high since I have before we've lived here. 6 years ago I was on the verge of going on dialysis & was in ICU for 2 wks !!!We believe that it has ALOT to do with Coco Chanel, the doctor went over all my lab's since I have had CocoNut & I suggested to her what has gone on since I have had her.LOVE MY LITTLE COCONUT !!!! THANK YOU Lorraine for your help & support"  Another personal dog that is a Suncoast Service Dog.

  "I am Bryan's mom and below I have posted his story. A donation for a service dog would be forever be great full for my little boy. After doing a year or research and speaking to his Dr's he would greatly benefit from this opportunity." 
Little guy needs a Service Dog

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