SUNCOAST SERVICE DOGS, INC - Entwining the innate ability of dogs to bond and assist.
                 Gulf Coast and Nature Coast areas 
                   SUNCOAST SERVICE DOGS, INC. 
                        A Non Profit 501 (c)(3)


Our Mission is to provide assistance to those with verified medical disabilities        with a task trained Service Dog as defined by ADA Federal Law.  
   Our Goals and Care for Dog and Person:
  • To positively bring out the innate ability of dogs to assist persons with a disability as defined by ADA  Law.
  • To train using Force Free training methods that elicits a dog to want to perform the tasks trained as needed for an individual. 
  • To respect the privacy of and provide guidance to those who receive our Service Dogs for the life time of the Service Dog team. 
  • To Test all Service Dog Teams to graduate with our Task in Venue Handling Test -TVHT.   
  • We accept surrendered family dogs and rescues and care for them based on the Animal Care Standards and the Five Freedoms.  Not all can become Service Dogs but can become Therapy Dogs or just great trained family dogs placed in a right fit caring home.

We have assembled the most unique, educated and experienced Advisory Committee on all aspects of people with disabilities and dog health and behavior. A reservoir of knowledgeable people helping in designing training and fit of person and dog! New Board members with personal experience in business, health issues and lengthy, expanded dog related experience have joined our organization. This wealth of knowledge is appreciated as it is a all volunteer organization. 

                         Client References and Veterinary References are available.

1. Less Hands On from you.    Donation for a dog raised from puppy, we take care of everything.  We have a list of incredible breeders with excellent calm smart dogs.    You can interact with the puppy.  Contract is cancelled if the dog does not make the obedience and task training goals or does not bond.  This includes your training as well a two/three week program, which may require a overnight stay closer to Homosassa Springs at your cost.  You will receive a video to practice prior to training that can cut your away from home training time. A Public Task and Access Test to the team is given to graduate.

2.  Most Hands On less fund raising needed.  You are a puppy raiser.  This program for local residents is where we receive a puppy from our reliable breeders.    Or you can purchase one from a Local breeder we recommend  Loveable Poodles and Pecan Place Aussies.  Your input of type of dog will be considered, but final choice in the breed is ours.  A deposit secures a dog from us to be raised by you and includes our training guidelines.  You then care for the puppy and attend all the of needed classes for obedience - follow our guidelines in basic day to day socialization and play.  You provide the food we recommend for the puppy and provide basic medical needs.  Training is biweekly in Homosassa Springs. When the dog is mature enough to start task and response training we teach you how to train tasks or take the puppy for finish task training. You will receive a sample video to practice and refer to while training. And one with your dogs tasks cues and alert responses. A Task in Handling Venue Test as a team will be given to graduate.

3.  FASTEST . We have Contracted Service Dog Trainers  who use our training guides and are approved by our Advisory Committee.  They help provide a option when the wait time for a SSD, Inc. dog in training with volunteers is lengthy.  If you have funds to secure a dog and do not want to wait this is fastest.  Once dog and person are trained together, Suncoast Service Dogs will test the team.  A  ID#  gives us quick access to the dogs history, the trainer and client if help is needed - we are available to help solve anything you need help with for the lifetime of the Service Dog Team.  

How Do I Apply for a Service Dog? 
Fill out the TO START FORM.  
The Director of Training  will contact you to start the process.   If you are approved, you will be placed on our waiting list for a service dog.  

Service Dog Taught how to Operate LifeStation Equipment


THERAPY DOGS : We Provide Trained Therapy Dogs for Professionals.  A Handler brings to hospitals, clinic, counseling sessions ect. For others to pet and the dog to give comfort you. Many times a dog is just too friendly to be a Service Dog, these dogs can go on to be therapy dogs in professional venues - private handlers or to rehabilitation facilities.  

 Resident Therapy Dog for Brooksville Health CenterA rescued dog from our local shelter NORI, who  is now the resident Therapy Dog for Brooksville Healthcare Center, meeting and greeting up to 300 people a day!   Nori had been a Therapy Dog for a year as well as a Courtroom Dog - she lives to be patted and fussed over!  She is one happy Bassetdore, who was discarded and now brings smiles to many many people!

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